Gyms in Tel Aviv, Health and Fitness Centers

If you think the Israeli guys are just naturally hot, well then you're basically right. But there is nothing like a good workout to buff that body of yours, enjoy a relaxing steam sauna, a hot jacuzzi or just feast your eyes at amazingly ripped israeli abs at one of the local gyms.

Tel Aviv is full of gyms and fitness centers, and as you can probably imagine it is packed with gay guys all day long, especially in the evening after coming back from work or the army. The Busiest hours at most gyms are usually 17:00-22:00.

Here is a list of several gyms in Tel Aviv center, sorted according to the area in which you might be staying in:

More to the north of Tel Aviv Center find these gyms & Fitness centers:

* Go Active Gym, Weizmann St.
* Goof Rishon ("First Body") Gym, Arlozerov St.
* Great Shape Gym, Rabin Square

Center of Tel Aviv and more to the south find these gyms & Fitness centers:

* Space Tel Aviv Gym, Shenkin St.
* Holmes Place Gym & Fitness center, Azrieli Center
* Gymi, Dizengoff Center
* Energy Gym, Ehad Ha'am.
* Pure Gym, Ben Yehuda
* Tel Aviv Sport Club Gym & Fitness center, Ha'arbaa St.
* Holmes Place Gym & Fitness center, Dizengoff Center

Near the beach

* Holmes Place Gym & Fitness center, Yarkonim
* Dan Hotel Gym, near the boardwalk

Answering the popular question if there is a recommended gym is difficult. People usually pick a gym closest to their location, but sometimes it's nice to visit other gyms for the occational change in atmosphere and crowd. Good luck.