The Bahai Gardens

An amazing piece of heaven in the middle of the city of Haifa, less than an hour from Tel Aviv

Bahai gardens in Haifa are a complex of buildings and gardens that are the World Center of the Bahai religion.Uphill the city of Haifa, stands a palace with a golden dome that is seen to the far distance.

Downhill you find spectacular gardens, the result of planning of the Bahai believers who have decided to establish their residence and the Bahai world center in Haifa. The golden dome temple has become a symbol of tourism to Haifa. It was built in 1953, and is made of marble and Italian granite. The dome consist of 14,000 golden plates and is 40 meters high. The beautiful gardens that extend over 19 terraces, were inspired by the Bahai belief and were designed in harmony with the environment.