Getting to Ga'ash Nude Beach - Instructions

Ga'ash nude beach is located to the north of Tel Aviv, about 35 minutes drive by car.
Instructions on getting there are not simple, but we'll try to make it as easy as possible.

Map of the area

Please use this map as reference for the following instructions
Gaash Nude Beach Map

Step 1: Get to Yakum

There are several options on how to get to Yakum:
1. By rental car - you need to drive on road number 2 until you get to the Yakum intersection and park at "Pundak Asa Yakum".
2. By taxi - tell the taxi driver to drop you off at Yakum intersection, near "Pundak Asa Yakum".
3. By service taxi (yellow shared taxi) - you can take this taxi from Tel Aviv at the corner of Namir Street and Arlozerov Street. You should stand on the side of the road which leads north and get on the taxi to "Netanya" (you can ask people where this taxi is taken from). Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at "Pundak Asa Yakum".

Step 2: Cross to the other side

Look for the bridge for pedestrians which leads you to the other side of road number 2 and cross it.

Step 3: Walk through the field

Look for the path which leads through the field, along side the trees. Get to the end of the path and turn left. Walk until you see parking cars.

Step 4: Go up the hill

Turn right and walk up a small hill until you get to the beach.