Israel is one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for sexual minorities. Homosexuality was decriminalized in Israel over 20 years ago, and major Supreme Court decisions and groundbreaking legislation soon followed

Here's a small taste of the gay culture in Israel, we hope you will visit us soon to find out yourself

Interested in a "behind the scenes" look at what being gay/lesbian in Israel is all about?
Take a look at this cool 8 minute video that was prepared by Ruth Selwyn, a local Israeli lesbian.
(Obviously, under the circumstances, lesbians are mentioned more ;) )


"I much prefer the gay scene here. For a start, the men are so much hotter. Here the men are tall, slim and tanned"
Brandon, USA

"It is not big deal at all for a gay couple to kiss in the street in Tel Aviv. In fact, we now have a joke that if a man and a woman are seen kissing in the street, that is more strange!"
Shai Doitsh (LGBT Israel)

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"Tel Avivans are quick to point out that their city is less suffused with history than Jerusalem, and that that is what makes their city so hospitable to newcomers and to people who don’t fit in elsewhere"

"Seizing the Day in Tel Aviv" (The New York Times)




Tel Aviv - Top international tourism destination by New York Magazine.

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The Bubble
Three young Israelis, two guys and a girl, share an apartment in Tel Aviv's hippest neighborhood. Trying to put aside political conflicts and focusing on their lives and loves, these progressive 20-somethings are often accused of living in a sort of escapist bubble..



Yossi & Jagger
Yossi and Jagger portrays the love affair of two Israeli officers serving in a army post on the Israeli-Lebanese border. They are commanders, they are in love, and they try to find a place of their own in an oppressing and rigid.military framework





Ivri Lider
A gay Israeli pop rock singer-songwriter. He is considered one of the biggest selling contemporary artists in Israeli music. "Out Magazine" recognized him as a member of the "Out 100" for 2007.




Dana International
Probably one of the most famous transsexual celebrities in the world, and is especially known for having taken first place the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Diva".



DJ Offer Nissim
One of the leading Israeli DJ's in the world, working closely with such stars as Christina and J-Lo, has performed in most of the leading parties around the world - NY, Paris and even the main party in the Rio Carnival. Regardless of all his travels, you can still catch Offer playing a set in Israeli parties every now and then.
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Looks like nowadays in Israel, a TV series without a gay character just isn't hip enough :) You will always have the "gay neighbor", "gay friend" and some homoerotic scenes. Here is one example.

Until the wedding
This very popular TV series unveils the happenings of a guy and a girl on their journey to marriage, while observing the lives of the people in their lives (Hot gay guys! ..)




Annual Film Festivals

TLV Fest
The LGBT Film Festival in Tel Aviv was launched in 2006. The establishment of this festival originated in the desire to bring the best of worldwide LGBT cinema to local audiences. These films would otherwise never be screened, on TV, or distributed on DVD and would thus never be seen.
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TLV Fest

Lethal Lesbian
An Israeli lesbian film night, intends to bring to the lesbian community lesbian films of quality, made by lesbians, for lesbians, and about lesbians, and create a home for Israeli lesbian cinema. The films shown deal with diverse issues - identity, love, politics, gender, relationships and culture. A lesbo-centric exhibition, which combines video-art, performance, paintings photography and written texts, takes place next to the screening of the films.
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Lethal Lesbian

Gay Organizations

Jerusalem Open House
The Jerusalem Open House (JOH), also called the Open House for Pride and Tolerance, is Jerusalem's LGBTQ Community Center, advancing the cause of social tolerance. The Open House is a grassroots activist organization of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and allies. Since 1997, the JOH has worked to make Jerusalem a place where all people are free to seek self-fulfillment.
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GLBT Israel
The Israeli GLBT Association ("The Aguda") was established in 1975 as a national, grassroots organization dedicated to furthering the rights of the GLBT community in Israel. The Aguda is committed to providing emotional and psychological support for GLBTs and to raising the consciousness and pride of the GLBT community. It strives to instill progressive, social and health-related principles in the Israeli public, engages in education and dissemination of information, and organizes social and cultural activities.
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GLBT Israel

IGY - Israeli Gay Youth Organization
The organization was founded in 2002 to fill the need for gay youth activities and support. The organization is responsible for coordinating the different youth groups, expanding other group activities and providing professional services to accommodate the different needs of gay youth in Israel.
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Gay Center Tel Aviv
On January 2008 the G.L.B.T. Community Center was inaugurated at Gan Meir (Meir Park) in Tel Aviv, located inside a beautiful garden on King George Street.
The gay center is as a symbol of cultural pluralism and liberal society, and is the primary location of many Israeli G.L.B.T. organizations.
At the gay center you can enjoy many kinds of activities, performances, classes, lectures and more,
and also a great cafe located outside with the green background of the garden – Cafe Landwer.
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Gay Center Tel Aviv