Tel Aviv Beach

Tel Aviv is famous for it's neverending beach-line. A magnificent 14km of blue sea, open horizon, sun and lots of people, make the Tel Aviv beach a perfect place for spending many hours of your vacation.

Gay beaches

Hilton Beach

Two of Israel's major qualities come clashing together in this little strip of beach - endless sun and hunky guys. Known for it's gay crowd – Hilton beach, located near the Hilton Hotel, is the perfect place to get both a tan and a hot tanned guy. Just try not to get burned..

Hilton Beach

Gaash Nude Beach

Getting a tan in Israel is easy, but getting a full-body one is not always as easy. Rest assured, at Ga’ash nude beach you can be as "out" as you want - and nobody cares a damn. Ga’ash is a popular gay beach outside of Tel Aviv and is almost always packed with guys out for a tan. Click for Instructions on how to get to Gaash Nude Beach.

Gaash Beach