Like every year, Tel Aviv will host the Gay Pride Parade.
Date for upcoming Pride Parade: June 3rd 2016.

This years Pride Parade details will be posted on our Pride Week page as soon as they are available.

To get an impression of the parade, here is what Nonet ( wrote on her blog:

It is a well known fact that Tel Aviv has become one of the main gay metropolitans of the world. Some even say that in certain aspects (probably the craziness and loudness), Tel Aviv is even a competitor to cities like Berlin or New York.

Unfortunately, I am straight as an arrow, so my only chance to experience some real gay fun are big public events like the Tel Aviv gay pride parade, and thank goodness it is finally here, because I could use a boost of adrenalin (or any other legal substance) right about now.

This is the 10th year that the parade has been taking place - The tradition began in 1998 with just a couple of hundred partiers, and has grown rapidly into an event with over 100,000 participants that seems to get wetter and wilder every year.

Tel Aviv gay parade

This year the parade will start from Gan Meir, where a brand new and one of a kind center for the gay community of TLV was recently open. The gathering at the center will include lots of very loud music, some activity booths and even a performance by the official youth gay band of Tlv. This has just got to be a funny sight.

The actual parade will begin with a kick off from Ron Huldai’s who is the mayor of Tlv (who I have kind of a soft spot for since he used to be my high school principal…).The parade will continue into Bugrashov St., turn e to Ben Yehuda St. from there, then turn to Ben Gurion Blvd. and straight to Gordon beach, where the insanity will then take over.

Tel Aviv gay parade

From my previous experiences, you should definitely bring your bathing suit (or any other kind of minimal wear you’re kinky mind can think of) because once the parade hits the beach you will be in the water in no time.
As I said in the beginning, we just have to admit that us straight folk don’t know how to really party and we need some help from our gay friends. The beauty of this event is that it brings together all sorts of people with only one agenda on their mind: fun!!!